• We are focused exclusively on retirement planning and financial literacy so we stay current on the many changes and issues  that federal employees are facing today
  • Our course materials are comprehensive and timely
  • We’ll gladly adapt course structure and length to meet an organization’s needs
  • We have highly qualified instructors with  decades of  professional experience in the areas of training and federal benefits as well as personal experience with the federal retirement process
  • We understand and are able to explain the complex interactions of the federal annuity and social security, FEHB and Medicare
  • We objectively present all TSP and insurance options with no sales agendas
  • We can effectively provide guidance to students facing some of the most complex issues such as FERCCA, CSRS Offset, WEP, GPO and blended benefits for transferees
  • We have extensive experience not only with regular schedule employees but also with special category employees such as Law Enforcement Officers, Customs & Border Protection Officers, and Reserve Technicians

Some of Our Customers

  • Army  (Redstone and other locations)
  • Army National Guard Reserves, Virginia
  • Defense Distribution Centers across the U.S.
  • Defense Logistics Agency (multiple locations)
  • Defense Supply Centers (multiple locations)
  • DHS, US Border Patrol (multiple locations)
  • DHS, US Customs & Border Protection
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers
  • Marine Corp Logistics Base, Albany GA
  • NASA Langley Research Center
  • NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Navy (multiple locations)
  • US Mint, Washington DC
  • US Attorney’s Office (multiple locations)

Retirement Training &
Coaching Services, Inc.


We are a SAM Registered Company.
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