This seminar is available as a 1 or 2 day course.  Two day versions include local experts on estate and financial planning.

This comprehensive seminar on retirement planning is designed to provide an overview of financial and estate planning, and an in-depth look at federal benefits in retirement. The course focuses on the needs of people who plan to retire within the near future as well as those who will reach retirement eligibility within the next 5 to 10 years.

Topics included in a typical two-day agenda are as follows:

  • Taking a Look at the Big Picture of Financial Planning

    • Determining how much replacement income you will need in retirement
    • Reviewing goals
    • Understanding how your federal benefits will help you reach your goals
  • Your FERS Annuity

    • Where your money goes
    • Voluntary retirements based on age and service
    • Early outs and discontinued service retirements
    • MRA + 10 retirements
    • Deferred retirements
    • Disability retirements
    • The FERS supplement
    • What counts as creditable service
    • Understanding when you may need to make deposits or redeposits (civilian and military)
    • How your annuity will be calculated
    • Determining what percentage of your high-3 salary you will receive
    • Using the computational tables to compute your benefit
    • Online tools you should be aware of (e.g. EBIS)
    • Determining the non-taxable portion of your annuity
    • Electing a survivor’s annuity at retirement
    • Electing an insurable interest survivors annuity
    • Death benefits that are provided by law
    • Lump-sum death benefits
    • Cost of Living Adjustments
    • Picking Your Retirement Date
    • Preparation and processing of your retirement application
  • Your Social Security Benefits

    • When and how you qualify
    • How the benefit is calculated and how work may affect benefits
    • The pros and cons of taking the benefit early or waiting for an unreduced benefit
    • Understanding when you may need to get a more accurate benefit estimate from SSA and how you go about doing it
    • Social security for you and family members if you become disabled
    • Survivors benefits for your spouse and children at your death
    • Choices and decisions you must make when you or your family members are entitled on more than one record
    • Taxation issues
  • Your Thrift Savings Plan and Other Investments

    • Understanding the investment options including the new ROTH option
    • Managing your portfolio with proper asset allocation and interfund transfers
    • Getting money out of your TSP while employed
    • Withdrawal options upon separation; advantages and disadvantages of each option
    • Required Minimum Distributions
    • What your designated beneficiaries may do with the TSP account at your death
    • Useful online tools
    • Taxation Issues
    • Understanding IRA tax structures and how you can take advantage of IRAs
  • Your Federal Insurances

    • Understanding your FEGLI coverage and how costs increase over time
    • Making the right moves now to continue your FEHB in retirement and understanding the changes that will occur when you become Medicare eligible
    • Long-Term Care Insurance for you and your qualified relatives
    • Dental, Vision and Flexible Spending Account
  • Estate Planning Considerations

    • Wills and Trusts
    • Power of Attorney
    • Medical Directives
  • Update On Pending Legislative Issues

  • Completion of Personal Action Checklist

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