Who should attend:  Employees who are within 5 years of retirement and have already attended a class covering the financial aspects of retirement

A truly successful transition into retirement requires not only a financial plan, but also a vision of how you want to live your next life chapter. For that reason, we offer a one-day curriculum entitled “Beyond Money”.  This dynamic and interactive course focuses on the non-financial aspects of retirement and may be added to a traditional Retirement Planning Seminar or offered as a stand-alone class.

Following are course highlights:

  • Keys to a successful retirement
    • Having the financial aspects of retirement in place is just one key to success.  In this course you’ll learn about 5 additional keys to success in retirement.
  • Rediscovering yourself
    • After many years of adapting to the demands of life, we sometimes lose sight of the things that are most meaningful to us.  We’ll engage in some insightful exercises to help shift the focus back to you.
  • Options and opportunities for your next life chapter
    • There are a myriad of opportunities awaiting you as you move into your next chapter.  We’ll explore working--on your terms-- in retirement. We’ll help you identify your unique values and strengths on which to build.  If entrepreneurship is your thing, we’ll provide some stimulating ideas.    And we’ll discuss a different kind of work—volunteerism.
  • Leisure, fun and travel
    • You’ve earned the right to a little more leisure and fun in your life.  So where do you start?  We’ll discuss some “out-of-the-box” ideas for travel and leisure that won’t break the bank.
  • Health, wellness and balance
    • For many of us, retirement becomes an impetus to look at our overall well-being.   You’ll learn what you can do to bring or keep wellness and balance in your life.
  • Relationships in retirement
    • Whether you’re married or single, partnered or solo, retirement is a major life transition and it will impact the people who are a part of your life.  We’ll share some strategies for dealing effectively with the changes.
  • Creating a plan
    • The ultimate objective of this course is to help you create a plan for your next life chapter. You’ll leave with a set of blueprints to get you started.

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